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Rowena -=- Chow Hall

Rowena Gets a Life

Her co-workers are crazy, her sister's an Astrology junkie, and her Mother . . .

Love, laughs, and lemurs . . . Volume I of S. D. Youngren's Rowena's Page is available in paperback.

The first 52 stories, from Rowena Cooks A Meal, through Rowena Helps Celebrate, are all included. In which she finds her way around her job, endures her family somehow, and falls in love.

Trade Paperback
5½ x 8½ inches
300 pages
Acid-free paper
ISBN: 0-9715500-0-X
$12.95 + shipping
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Rowena Gets a Life
Rowena Gets a Life


Chow Hall

It's an Education
"De Gustibus non est Disputandum."

Offical Chow Hall "Cook Up and Chow Down" items are now available!

Whether it's the burning issues at the Center for Guy Food Research, or the spicy spectacles at the Vinegar and Pepper Institute, they're always cooking up something at Chow Hall. And now we've cooked up Chow Hall aprons, mugs, and shirts.

All designs feature the likeness and message shown at the right. The shirts also have the Macaroni and Cheese recipe from Rowena Watches TV on the front.

Buy online through the GlamCam Cafeshop.

Chow Hall image.  Cook Up and Chow Down.

8 x 10 inches
(Smaller on the Mugs)

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