Maralynne *Star of Stage and Web*

Born: That would be telling.

Height: 5' 8" in my shoes.

Weight: Perfect

Measurements: 38" - 22" - 34"

Location: Wouldn't you like to know!

Sign: Pisces

Favorite Tarot Card: Success (Four of Wands)

Favorite TV Show: Chow Hall

Favorite Band: Top Gun Lemming

Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind

Favorite Color: Hot Pink

First Role:

Leafy Green Vegetables (Understudy)
Healthy Foods (Third Grade Play)

Debut Role:

Second Sheep
Sixth Grade Xmas Pagent. "Baa Baa Baaaaaaa!"

Best Roles:

Mrs. Malaprop (Second Understudy)
In The Rivals (school play, Junior Year!). "The classic by Richard Harridan."
The Secretary Who Saves The Day
In the Abacus 3.1416 booth at the big computer show. "You can count on Abacus!"
Emily (Understudy)
In Mona. "An Othello for our times."
Jessica (Understudy)
In The HMO Officer of Venice. "The devil is in the details."

Upcoming Roles:

In Ramona and Juliet. "Twice forbidden."
Miss Information
In the Analytical Engines Corp. pagent at the big computer show. "Your most important ass-ette!"